Bed and Breakfast in Castleton


B&B Details

B&B Reference: 0260

Large split level bungalow enjoying elevated view overlooking the picturesque Hope Valley

Room Type: 4 double, 1 twin, all ensuite or private facilities

Price: £42.00 to £58.00 pppn

Single occupancy: from £66.00

Dogs allowed: No

Children: 14+

WiFi access: Yes

Credit Cards accepted: Yes

Evening Meals available: No

Less Mobile facilities: No

Ground Floor rooms: none

Nearest Airport: Manchester

Assessment grading: 4 star

Stoney Ridge, Granby Road, Bradwell, Hope Valley, Derbyshire. S33 9HU

3 miles from CASTLETON

STONEY RIDGE is a spacious split level bungalow, set in the heart of the Peak District National Park in an elevated position enjoying views over the picturesque Hope Valley. A large lounge for guests extends to a balcony overlooking the garden and valley beyond. Numerous good pubs and restaurants in the area. Credit cards accepted. Minimum 2 nights weekends and special offers in winter. Singles welcome from £66.00. WiFi access.

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