Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to our home Wyvis, an award winning, unique 5 Star Gold Bed & Breakfast, where quality and comfort is our main priority. Experience staying in a true Scottish 'home from home' and enjoy comfort and relaxation in our unique Victorian mill workers cottage, dating back to around 1830. Wyvis Boutique Bed and Breakfast offers exceptional Five Star Gold VisitScotland graded accommodation and service.

Wyvis is located in the oldest part, of Tillicoultry, now a conservation area, in Scotland's smallest county, Clackmannanshire, affectionately known as the "Wee County". Tillicoultry is in central Scotland close to the historic City of Stirling and within easy reach of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Gleneagles, Loch Leven, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, St. Andrews and many other beautiful attractions, activities and locations.

Irene and Terry look forward to welcoming you to our family home, nestling beneath the Ochil Hills. Our aim is to make your visit to Scotland and to our home an enjoyable and memorable one with a warm Scottish welcome, quality Scottish food and traditional Scottish hospitality. We have been awarded the VisitScotland Taste Our Best award in recognition of the quality and Scottish provenance of our food.

On arrival we offer complimentary afternoon tea served in the dining room overlooking our lovely mature cottage garden or if you prefer we will serve it in the garden or guest lounge. Here at Wyvis Irene's Afternoon Teas are legendary, with cake of the day, biscuits, tray bakes or cream teas. We can honestly say that it is all homemade by Irene here at Wyvis where quality comes first.

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