Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Sugarbush Bed and Breakfast

Beaver Pond Farm B&BNestled in Vermont's Green Mountains and five minutes from the lifts of Sugarbush Ski Resort, you will find a distinctive and intimate Bed and Breakfast. Let the glorious Green Mountain views, rolling landscape and historic charm of our 1840's farmhouse inn rejuvenate your spirit. Skillfully prepared breakfasts and treats, the caress of fine linens and views of Vermont's snowy hills are sure to leave you feeling pampered. A quintessentially restored Vermont farmhouse, our Bed and Breakfast exudes the warmth and charm you've been longing for. Boasting historic exposed beams and beautiful period antiques, our dining room is the perfect location to savor the morning's gourmet breakfast. After a long day of skiing, riding, snowshoeing, shopping or sight seeing around Vermont, relax by our bed and breakfast's crackling fire and enjoy an afternoon treat and a warm drink.

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