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breakfast-topThe farmers provide all the delicious food…it’s a joy to play with it!

The dining room has lots of windows and light, and features a “millennium” mural on all four walls depicting the area 100 years ago, and 1, 000 years ago. You will dine by candlelight, and in the fall and winter we’ll light a wood fire as well. We have a nice stock of fragrant birch and apple. Vintage linens, local hand-blown glasses, and Irish crystal grace the table, but that is just the stage for the real star, the meal, made with the fruits of the labor of local farmers and food producers.

Start with the old, and see what happens next!

We love starting with a traditional Vermont recipe, such as blueberry pancakes, and tweaking them over time to reflect what people ask for. Our pancakes, for example, are now made with a a mix of whole wheat and white flour, which makes them more nutritious, and they taste better too (the most important part).

The flavor of our area!

We use local organic products whenever possible: chicken and duck eggs from poultry that live their lives free to wander; local organic milk, butter, thick luscious cream, and world-class, award-wining cheeses, from our neighbors’ dairies; produce at the peak of freshness from many local farms; and, maple syrup from our friend’s sugar house down the road. Sausage and bacon are hand made locally, cruelty and nitrite free, but we also offer vegetarian alternatives that are most pleasing.

We also cater to most other dietary requirements from low-fat to low-carb, but please note we do not have a Kosher kitchen.

We are members of the Vermont Fresh Network, which means we partner with local farmers and food producers to offer and promote our area’s local products. It’s a joy! And the scrumptious flavor that results is memorable.

Here’s a selection of some favorite Vermont Recipes

Experience the delightful fresh flavor of our area! Vermont has so much to offer!

Fresh Organic Chicken or Duck Eggs
from several local farms.

Butter from the Vermont Butter & Cheese Company
cultured and extremely delicious.

Organic Milk and Cream
from our local farms.

Local Artisan Cheeses
From Vermont and New Hampshire. We choose from hundreds of varieties, and they are all superb, from Bailey Hazen Blue cheese or a smoked Gouda style, to Vermont Shepherd cave-aged sheep cheese, or any of our wonderful cheddars, from mild to four-year clothbound! We have it all. AND, we have a cheese trail map you can follow….

Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
from our local organic farms and orchards. Everything from quirky little “garlic scapes” and locally foraged wild mushrooms, to every possible green you could imagine. Did I mention the locally grown strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, sweet cherries, sour cherries, plums, apricots, pears, apples, musk melons, watermelons, and even hardy kiwis?

Herbs from Our Own Garden

Maple Syrup
From our friend Greg’s little sugar house down the road. This truly is the flavor of right here, at least our maple trees! Add a little nip of Vermont Sapling Maple Liquor and you will know the terroir of our area!

Really Good Bread
Really good baguettes from Orchard Hill Bakery across the river. Christy’s Oatmeal Bread (Vermont Pretzel), Spelt bread, and the spelt is grown less than a quarter of a mile from our house!
Some days, we make our own bread from a sourdough starter we created from grapes from our friend’s local vineyard.
We do this to help the late-risers make their way downstairs…the aroma is Heaven!

Chocolate, Cocoa, Tea
Alas, we cannot grow any of these here, so we make sure it is organic and Fair Trade. Our French Roast coffee is out of this world! And we have a nice selection of loose tea for a perfect cup.

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