Photo of Brass Lantern Inn

Brass Lantern Inn, Stowe

The Lewis family warmly welcomes you to the Brass Lantern Inn!

Mary Anne and George fell in love with Stowe, and each other, in the summer of 1984. It was on this wonderfully fateful trip that George traveling alone from Columbus, Ohio, and Mary Anne, a solo traveler living at that time in Clark Summit, Pennsylvania met here in Stowe, Vermont. We both apparently shared a similar plan for a weeklong trip which included meeting some new people, touring this beautiful area by bicycle, and hopefully some close friendships. Well, we accomplished that and much more!

We have now arrived back at the place we met, now married with three children (almost grown children!). In between our family went from Columbus to most recently Baltimore. All great places to settle down but George was interested in a Chapter 2 lifestyle

In December of 2009, after years of dreaming of a lifestyle of Innkeeping, we purchased the Brass Lantern Inn. Having ventured as far south as Florida and as far north as Maine, looking for “just the right place, ” we settled in with our family of three high school aged children in the quintessential New England town of Stowe, Vermont.

If you have been to Stowe, you can certainly understand our desire to live and work here. If you have not, we suggest that you consider a stay here at the Brass Lantern Inn, giving us the chance to be of service to you and share all that this four season area has to offer. We sincerely believe that once you visit us you will feel the desire to come back again and again.

George is a retired Architect, who also enjoys the opportunity to work on old homes (a handy interest indeed here at the Brass Lantern Inn), and is passionate about gardening, cooking and all types of outdoor pursuits and recreation. He still applies all of his professional training of his previous architectural practice in his new lifestyle: attention to detail, service to the client/guest, and development of long-standing friendships and business relationships.

Mary Anne is an Occupational Therapist having extensive experience working with children with special needs (also handy in our family). Her other interests include knitting, swimming, bicycling, skiing and long walks. Mary Anne will be serving you your breakfast each morning and enjoys the fast pace of the start of our days and the opportunity to end the day with a walk along the Quiet Path and a glass of...

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