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South End Art Hop in Burlington VTSouth End Art Hop September 5-7th, 2014 in Burlington, Vermont

For the 22nd time, Burlington’s South End will host the South End Arts & Business Association’s (SEABA’s) annual Art Hop! Starting on Friday, September 5th and going until Sunday, September 7th, you will find a huge exhibition of visual art all over Burlington’s South End. With 29 locations, it might just take you the whole weekend to see it all. The South End, whose activity is centralized on Pine Street, has been dubbed Burlington’s “art district” due to the overwhelming number of artists, galleries and studios in the area. Many local businesses even transform themselves into temporary galleries for the weekend, showcasing masterpieces of over 500 local and regional artists.

This year’s exciting events include the Comedy Hop!, Kids Hop!, and the STRUT! Fashion Show.

  • The Comedy Hop! will be on Friday, September 5th behind the Maltex Building from 8pm to 10pm. Get your tickets here to see Adam Newman and Dan St. Germain, both known for their appearances on various MTV and late night comedy programs.
  • Kids Hop! is a free event on Saturday, September 6th from 10am to 2pm, geared towards families with children ages 3 to 12. Kids Hop! will feature many hands on activities like decorating the sidewalks with chalk, music and much, much more!
  • The STRUT! Fashion Show directly supports SEABA and tends to sell out quickly, so if you want to watch 20 local clothing designers show off their creative designs, make sure to buy your tickets ASAP here. The fashion shows starts at 6:30pm on Saturday, September 6th and will be hosted under the tent behind the Maltex Building.

Our staffers’ favorite thing about the Hop is seeing all the different kinds of creative talent Burlington has to offer. You can see everything from sculptures made out of chocolate to hand made harmonica cases to beautiful photography—I could go on forever about all the great things you can see at the hop, but I guess you’ll just have to check it out for yourself! The CCTA provides a free shuttle from the downtown parking garages to the Hop, and since our Burlington bed and breakfast is only a 10 minute walk from the Church Street parking garages, you don’t even have to worry about finding a parking spot. Be prepared for great people watching, wonderful art and all the delicious local food, beer and cider!

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