Tiramisu; Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Duo Restaurant

Serving inspired localvore cuisine, from Vermont farms and purveyors – Lunch and dinner

Duo Restaurant’s menus change seasonally so that we can highlight what is growing locally. Our downtown Brattleboro location is comfortable and hip, and boasts the best view to watch the happenings on Main Street. Join us for inspired dining for your group for lunch or dinner every day.

Special dining experiences for groups:
Cheesemaker Lunches:
Vermont produces some of the best cheeses in the world. Experience a 3 course cheese-focused lunch; learn about the cheese making process, what is different about Vermont dairy and why Vermont is the new France of the cheese world.

Insider Lunch, with the Restauranteur:
Ever wonder what it would be like to own your own restaurant? Enjoy lunch with critically acclaimed restauranteurs Keith & Stephanie and learn the challenges of operating a farm to table restaurant in Vermont. No question asked is too daring!

Chocolate & Wine Tasting:
Savor the decadence of chocolate & wine as local chocolate maker, Tavenier Chocolates and duo Restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin discuss pairing chocolates with food & wine to make a decadent feast. Learn how chocolates are made & how to create a chocolate dessert plate.

Dates of Operation:

Lunch and dinner every day; Brunch, Saturday & Sunday 9-2

Group Policy:

Semi-private dining room can seat up to 40 guests comfortably and up to 100 guests for a private event.

Motorcoach drop off/parking: Drop off at Brattleboro Transportation Center on Flat Street. Park at the far end of Elm Street lot.

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