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Moonlight in Vermont

Welcome to the Vermont 100 and Moonlight in Vermont 50/75 Endurance rides.
This ride is the only 100 mile ride where over 300 ultramarathon runners and endurance riders use the same trail at the same time.

Because of our new traffic patterns and camp setup there will be people available to park you. Please conserve space and respect our volunteers. Please refer to the “site map” for specific parking areas. There are no trees to picket to, please come prepared with temporary fencing. Click to enlarge map

The runners start at 4 AM and the 100-mile horses start at 5 AM. The 75-mile horses start at 9:15 AM. There will be a 100 Km run starting at 9 AM. The 50-mile horses will not be starting until 2 PM in the afternoon. Since 75 mile and 50 mile horses will not be starting until later these horses may want to be camped near each other so the horses have company. Dogs are not to be left in camp unattended, please have your dog on a leash.

Ride packets can be picked up Friday from Noon – 4 PM at the white house on the top of the hill. Crew directions will be posted on the web approximately 2 weeks before the ride date. They will also be available in the ride program received at check in. Only ONE crew vehicle allowed per rider (we would appreciate it if anyone pairs up). We will be marking and registering your crew vehicle.


DO NOT USE GPS. Only use the directions provided to you by ride management, they are precise and will keep you out of trouble.

The farriers will be available at 2 PM. Vetting is from 2-4 PM on Friday. Locals are free to go home and return on Saturday. If you cannot have your horse presented to the vets at that time, special arrangements for vetting after 7 PM needs to be made with the ride manager.

All riders must be wearing helmets when mounted. Any horse remaining in camp during the ride must have someone available to care for it. All riders must wear lighted gear front and rear for the night portion of the ride. ALL horses pulled need to be cleared at the treatment barn before leaving camp.

Please bring your water containers filled. If the field is wet, you cannot get to the pond. There is an ample water hose available across the road near the white house. Water tanks at the finish line are for the finish and 50 mile stop and go only!

The trail is not open for pre-riding. Pre-riding information will be available when you arrive.
A nightly noise curfew will be in place at Silver Hill. It will be 10pm on Friday night and 11pm on Saturday night. No cheering after this hour. Sorry.

Riders and crews are responsible for following the marked routes and deviations.

Please take the time to read any signs. It is a good idea to carry a flash light for the night section of the trail. You read better with light!

Please conserve water, fill your tanks and refill at the following places.
Hose at Silver Hill barn, across road from camp.
South Woodstock Fire House has a hose between the doors.
Kedron Valley Stables - Rte 106 just north of South Woodstock.

Water on trail: Landowners put out tanks and hoses, RIDERS keep your eyes open for these, use the hose on your horse. We ask them to put tanks in visible spots.

Volunteers: We need volunteers, be part of an amazing event, the only 100 mile in the country where horses and people ride/run the same trail at the same time. We need: scribes for vets, timers, pulse takers, trail markers and unmarkers, horse ambulance drivers, water crews, parking people. Contact Jenny Kimberly

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