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The Chelmsford branch is the fifth Grand Central in the group, which is owned by the family-run TLC Inns. It's owned by Steve and Jo Haslam, who have respective backgrounds in design and building, and the service industry.

They have invested £750, 000 in rejuvenating the building.

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It was necessary to transform the space which is spread over 6, 500 square feet on two floors and can deliver 240 covers each night,

"We opened the first Grand Central five years ago because it was the kind of place where we wanted to eat as a family, but we couldn't find anywhere else like it, " said Steve, from Chelmsford. "We wanted a family-friendly restaurant that was a bit different and where the food was cooked fresh and not out of a bag.

"When you eat in one Grand Central, you'll know it's the brother or sister of the others, but they are not all identical. You'll have a different experience in each one.

"Chelmsford was always going to be a bit different anyway with the iconic Anne Knight building. How lucky are we that we get to be custodians of such a beautiful building?

"At Grand Central, it's not just about the food and drink – it's about the experience. We want people to go away with something to remember."

Steve is also adamant that Grand Central customers will get something that's not available elsewhere in Chelmsford. There will also be American-themed live music such as blues and jazz.

Manager Darren Cook agreed. "The customer service will be better here – because we care. The whole Grand Central experience is made up of great customer service, the food offering, the entertainment and the atmosphere. We want people to come here to have fun.

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"Of course the food is extremely important. We have revised and revamped the Grand Central menu and the Chelmsford customers will be the first to sample the new dishes."

Highlights of the menu include Prime USDA Black Angus steaks, the Dogzilla – a 15 inch hot dog served with chilli, cheese and onions, and fresh lobster. There's also a large selection of burgers, ribs, quesadillas, fajitas and salads.

The desserts look incredible too. All with an American-theme, diners can choose from the likes of American pancakes, cookie dough cheesecake or Italian gelato ice cream.

The restaurant will also be selling Freak Shakes. If you've not come across them before, they are a thick milkshakes topped with large chunks of cake, served in Mason jars. "They are basically a car crash in a jar, they are gooey, messy and taste amazing, " said Darren.

The revamped menu is the work of new director of food Danny Lawrence. Coming from an American chain in London, Danny is delighted to be bringing something different to the Chelmsford dining scene.

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