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click to enlarge Lara Atkins with apple fritters at Parkside Kitchen - MATTHEW THORSEN

  • Matthew Thorsen
  • Lara Atkins with apple fritters at Parkside Kitchen

The Kitchen Table Bistro owners Steve and Lara Atkins and Neal Johnston announced today that they will be shutting down their second Richmond eatery, Parkside Kitchen.

In an email to customers this morning they wrote, "We have decided after 18 wonderful and delicious months that we are going to close Parkside Kitchen … As it turns out, the stresses of running two restaurants are far more than we anticipated."

Parkside will serve its final meals this Sunday, April 10. The owners say this decision will allow them to refocus on Kitchen Table and "move forward as a reunited team."

And, after eight months on the market, KTB is no longer for sale. The Atkinses and Johnston have decided to retain ownership.

Over the past year the restaurant's status has been the subject of some confusion. Seven Days noted in its letters section this week that a September story disclosed the restaurant was for sale, but some readers jumped to the conclusion that it had already closed. cleared this up in an article on December 22, and again this week.

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