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Middlebury Vermont lodgingRooms at our classic Vermont Inn are under constant scrutiny by our housekeeping staff and are inspected and improved as if they were in your own home. Pride and distinction are motivating factors in our room upkeep, but other factors lean toward guest experience and guest expectation. Our lodging guests expect high quality throughout the Inn and we agree with you that our job is to supply heavy doses of quality and comfort.

An Historic Vermont Inn

The Inn, being 201 years of age, is in a distinctive category, in fact, a historic category. Keeping with the Inn’s place in the National Register of Historic Places, we have elected not to add televisions to the guest rooms, although TVs are available in the Living Room and Pub. We have also elected not to install phones in the guest rooms but have internal cell phone enhancers to assure that your cell phones have sufficient bars.

The Inn does not have a business center but we do have complimentary Internet service available to all guests. The Inn also provides a PC in its guest lobby for use during your stay and can be accessed any time of the day. There is sufficient technology provided at the Inn to keep you as connected as is necessary, however, we believe some of Vermont’s charm is its offer of mental and physical rest – even if you hike the Long Trail and sneak in some emails at the end of the day.

We are also proud to offer pet-friendly lodging at our Vermont inn, and we welcome all dogs with a special treat! Rates for dogs are $50.00 per dog, per stay (does not include breakfast for the pooches!)

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