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From hikes to picturesque waterfalls to relaxing spa days, visitors can be sure there are many New Hampshire weekend getaways available to scratch their vacation itch. As for accommodations, nothing goes better with a romantic getaway than a Select Registry New Hampshire bed and breakfast, so be sure to browse through our many options above.

New Hampshire's many beautiful lakes, rivers and waterfalls draw visitors from across the country and beyond. The state is home to more than 100 waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls, such as Silver Cascade and Flume Cascade, can be seen from the road and others that require a little hiking. The lakes, including Lake Winnipesaukee, offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy some time sun bathing, fishing, boating and swimming. Of course New Hampshire also has Atlantic Coast beaches, including 5 state park beaches.

New Hampshire has attractions for everyone, with White Mountains in the north, a beautiful lakes region and breathtaking ocean coasts on the east.

Below you’ll find our recommendations for must see attractions on your next New Hampshire romantic getaway.

  • Town of Hanover - The town of Hanover has a lot to offer and is definitely worth a stop on your next New Hampshire vacation. With offerings of the Hood Museum of Art, a trip to the Cornish-Windsor Bridge, or just relaxing and watching the boats on the Sunapee Bay, Hanover is a town full of rich history and charm.
  • Mount Washington - The highest peak in the northeast, Mt. Washington has some of the most breathtaking views in the country. Take a trip and enjoy the views, the nature and the experience of Mount Washington.
  • Concord - Concord is another town that is full of history and things to see, learn, and experience. Home to great golf courses, numerous museums and multiple arts centers, Concord is a great place for entertainment!
  • Nashua - Nashua is a great stop for your next New Hampshire vacation. From indoor skydiving, events at historic Holman stadium, wine tasting, or couples painting classes, Nashua is a great city with activities for families and couples.
  • Keene - A fantastic town to mosey around, Keene is home to a whimsical main street full of interesting shops and quaint boutiques. After dinner be sure to check out some of the sights or a Swamp Bats minor league baseball game.

Enjoying everything that New Hampshire has to offer is easy and diverse. Golfers can enjoy the more than 90 courses around the state. History buffs can take a driving tour to find the 54 covered bridges in the state. Art and music enthusiasts can enjoy a show at the Verizon Wireless Arena, the Currier Museum of Art, the Capitol Center or the Stone Church.

However visitors spend their days, they are sure to enjoy the diverse cuisine offered throughout the state. Start your day with a delicious meal at your New Hampshire bed and breakfast, and then explore the area for more culinary delights. From fine dining to lobster bakes and coffee shops to a local brewery, New Hampshire has it all.

To find the best of what you are looking for, ask your New Hampshire bed and breakfast. Innkeepers can offer guests information on the most popular destinations as well as those usually kept as local secrets.

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