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ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center is the ultimate location for your Rehearsal Dinner no matter the size. With four unique dining locations on our campus, you can choose the setting and experience that will be the welcoming event before your Wedding. You can choose to have your rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception with us and never be in the same space twice. Experience all that ECHO has to offer with the simplicity of one location.

For large gatherings the Revision Lakeside Pavilion can accommodate up to 180 people for a sit down dinner. This space has 4 bays of large, floor to ceiling windows that frame views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains.

For the most intimate dining experience, the Omni room can seat up to 14 people. With two large picture windows facing Lake Champlain, your guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful views in our most cozy lakeside space.

ECHO’s newest, outdoor event location can seat up to 56 people under our giant 44 by 30 foot awning that spans from the top of the building to the sea wall. The outside café and rain garden is the ultimate waterfront dining experience. Sit just feet from Lake Champlain and enjoy the beautiful vistas, in our own sustainable rain garden.

ECHO’s top floor can seat 96 people comfortably in the Adirondack Alcove area. Guests can experience our exhibits on this level including Frogs of the World, Discovery Place and the Champlain Sea Tide Pool ($15.00 additional per hour). A top floor rental includes use of our spacious outside deck overlooking Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks, the perfect place for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Top floor rental is perfect for an intimate and interactive rehearsal dinner.

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What are the best cities to live in Vermont for young adults? - Quora

Burlington is a wonderful city for a young person to live in. In the main city, nearly all amenities are within walking distance. Those which are not, are usually accessible via bus. Downtown is packed with bars and pubs of all types. Like live music? Try Nectar’s. Prefer trivia? Check out RiRa’s. Want an unusual cocktail? Go to Daily Planet.
There is a co-op grocery store downtown with fresh and local food. For more affordable options, a bus ride out to South Burlington brings you to Shaw’s and Price Chopper. You’ll find every type of restaurant—nearly none of the typical chain places.

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