Newport Vermont restaurants

Newport Vermont restaurants

Tell someone in Vermont that you’re headed to Newport for a few days and their reaction is likely to be something along the lines of “Newport Vermont?” Yes, Newport, Vt. The state’s northernmost city, better known for its economic struggles than its leisurely pursuits, has been generating mostly positive news of late: about eager developers, new restaurants and a gleaming…

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Restaurants Near Montpelier VT

Restaurants Near Montpelier VT

Click to enlarge jeb wallace-brodeur Squid Veracruz Even in broad daylight, the recessed black door on the north side of Montpelier s Main Street opens to darkness. But when you step into the brick stairwell and ascend the narrow staircase toward filigree lanterns, the red lights guide you to the landing, where a host greets you with a smile. Behind her stands a bar, trimmed…

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